Effectiveness of Systemic Fluconazole in Adult Patients With Asymptomatic Candiduria: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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Asymptomatic candiduria is a common finding in hospitalized patients. Its management modalities are still a matter of debate. Urinary catheter should be removed or replaced in all cases. In the current meta-analysis, we aimed to compare 2 different strategies in term of candida clearance from the urinary tract: Systemic fluconazole versus conservative management. A systematic search was performed in Pubmed, Web of science, and Cochrane Library database by 2 investigators. Three studies were included (421 patients). Data were extracted and the quality of each study was assessed. Systemic fluconazole was associated with a significantly higher short-term clearance of the funguria after 14 days of treatment [odds ratio = 0.43; confidence interval (CI) 95% (0.26–0.65)]. No significant heterogeneity was found among the included studies (Q statistic test = 0.38; I2 = 0). In conclusion, fluconazole significantly hasten short-term candida clearance from the urinary tract.

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