Job Stress Among Nursing Home Certified Nursing Assistants: Comparison of Empowered and Nonempowered Work Environments

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As the primary caregivers in long-term care (LTC), certified nursing assistants (CNAs) experience high levels of job stress and extraordinary high turnover rates, resulting in a shortage of personnel at a time when we face an increasing demand for LTC workers. The purpose of this study was to examine job stress among dementia care CNAs working in empowered and nonempowered LTC environments and to determine which stressors were associated with the 2 types of environments. Results indicate that CNAs working in empowered environments reported more resident-focused stressors and CNAs working in a nonempowered environment reported more job-focused stressors. These results enhance our understanding of the nature of CNA job stress and may lead to the development of interventions that reduce stress and create culture change with empowering work environments in an attempt to attract and retain employees.

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