Effect of the Type of Beverage and Meat Consumed by Alcoholics with Alcoholic Liver Disease

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We analyzed meat products and alcoholic beverage preference in patients with the three stages of alcoholic liver disease (ALD) compared with controls using diet history data. Daily consumption of total alcohol, types of alcoholic beverages, and types of meat and meat products in grams was obtained by dietary history taken from patients with biopsy proven stage of ALD. A strong association was found between the ALD subjects and total alcohol and beer consumption. There was a significant increase in the consumption of total pig products, pork, and offal in the ALD groups compared with controls. There was a significant positive correlation between beer consumption and pork in alcoholic hepatitis, total pork products in alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis and offal in alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis. There was no correlation with the fatty liver stage of ALD. The strongest correlation was between beer and total pig products in the alcoholic hepatitis group. Wine consumption was negatively correlated with the consumption of pig products and beer in the alcoholic cirrhosis group. In conclusion, the association of total pig product consumption with cirrhosis mortality in various countries was validated by personal diet history data obtained from ALD patients in a tested clinical microcosm. The results suggest that this association may be modified by the type of alcoholic beverage that is preferentially consumed.

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