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What Are Appropriate Prevention Strategies, When Risky Single Occasion Drinking Is the Norm in the Young?
Assessment of GABAA Benzodiazepine Receptor (GBzR) Sensitivity in Patients with Alcohol Dependence
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D-Cycloserine Facilitates Extinction of Conditioned Alcohol-Seeking Behaviour in Rats
Cues that Signal the Alcohol Content of a Beverage and their Effectiveness at Altering Drinking Rates in Young Social Drinkers
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The Self-Rating of the Effects of Alcohol Questionnaire as a Predictor of Alcohol-Related Outcomes in 12-Year-Old Subjects
Central Pontine and Extrapontine Myelinolysis After Alcohol Withdrawal
Ethanol Poisoning Together with Organophosphate Exposure: A Difficult Clinical Diagnosis Because of Physician Anchoring
Breath Alcohol Level and Plasma Amino Acids: A Comparison between Older and Younger Chronic Alcohol-Dependent Patients
Ethanol Concentrations in Antemortem Blood Samples Under Controlled Conditions
Effectiveness of Sequential Combined Treatment in Comparison with Treatment as Usual in Preventing Relapse in Alcohol Dependence
Development of a Psychologically Enhanced Interactive Online Intervention for Hazardous Drinking
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Combined Neuroimaging, Neurocognitive and Psychiatric Factors to Predict Alcohol Consumption Following Treatment for Alcohol Dependence
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Not All Drinks Are Created Equal: Implications for Alcohol Assessment in India
Pharmacological Treatment of Alcohol Hallucinosis
Pharmacological Treatment of Alcohol Hallucinosis
Addiction and Change—How Addictions Develop and Addicted People Recover. By Carlo C. DiClemente
Introduction to Addictive Behaviors (3rd edn)
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