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5-HT1A Receptors in the Frontal Cortical Brain Areas in Cloninger Type 1 and 2 Alcoholics Measured by Whole-Hemisphere Autoradiography
The Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Pulmonary Alveolar-Capillary Barrier Function in Humans
The Novel μ-Opioid Receptor Antagonist, [N-Allyl-Dmt1]Endomorphin-2, Attenuates the Enhancement of GABAergic Neurotransmission by Ethanol
Ethanol Prevents Oxidant-Induced Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Opening in Cardiac Cells
No Effect of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Activity in Three Inbred Strains of Mice
Energy Intake Estimates of Respondent-Measured Alcoholic Beverages
Inversion of Melatonin Circadian Rhythm in Chronic Alcoholic Patients during Withdrawal: Preliminary Study on Seven Patients
The Alcoholic Phenotypes among Different Multidimensional Typologies: Similarities and Their Classification Procedures
Detection Times for Urinary Ethyl Glucuronide and Ethyl Sulfate in Heavy Drinkers during Alcohol Detoxification
Ethyl Glucuronide Determination: Head Hair versus Non-Head Hair
Assessing the General Health of Diagnostic Orphans Using the Short Form Health Survey (SF-12v2): A Latent Variable Modelling Approach
The Performance of Two Motivation Measures and Outcome after Alcohol Detoxification
Transitions In and Out of Alcohol Use Disorders: Their Associations with Conditional Changes in Quality of Life Over a 3-Year Follow-Up Interval†
The Composition of Alcohol Products from Markets in Lithuania and Hungary, and Potential Health Consequences: A Pilot Study