Introduction to This Issue: The Seven Ages of Man … (or Woman)
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Alterations in Brain and Behaviour
Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration and Regeneration in Alcoholism
Biochemical and Neurotransmitter Changes Implicated in Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage in Chronic or ‘Binge Drinking’ Alcohol Abuse
The Neuropathology of Alcohol-Related Brain Damage
Update of Cell Damage Mechanisms in Thiamine Deficiency: Focus on Oxidative Stress, Excitotoxicity and Inflammation
The Korsakoff Syndrome: Clinical Aspects, Psychology and Treatment
Neuroimaging of the Wernicke–Korsakoff Syndrome
Molecular Genetics of Alcohol-Related Brain Damage
Proteomics Approach in the Study of the Pathophysiology of Alcohol-Related Brain Damage
Biomarkers in Alcohol Misuse: Their Role in the Prevention and Detection of Thiamine Deficiency
Alcohol Withdrawal and Prolonged Hospital Stay in a Patient with Neuroimaging Abnormalities: A Case Report
In vitro Neurogenesis from Neural Progenitor Cells Isolated from the Hippocampus Region of the Brain of Adult Rats Exposed to Ethanol during Early Development through Their Alcohol-Drinking Mothers
Biomarkers of Liver Status in Heavy Drinkers, Moderate Drinkers and Abstainers
Impact of Body Weight on the Relationship between Alcohol Intake and Blood Pressure
Is Cortisol Involved in the Alcohol-Related Fat Mass Impairment? A Longitudinal Clinical Study
Reported Beverage Consumed and Alcohol-Related Diseases among Male Hospital Inpatients with Problem Drinking