Introduction to Special Issue ‘Alcohol, Media and Message’
The Importance of Keeping Regular
Impact of Alcohol Advertising and Media Exposure on Adolescent Alcohol Use
Alcohol Portrayal on Television Affects Actual Drinking Behaviour
An Experimental Study on Imitation of Alcohol Consumption in Same-Sex Dyads
Media Coverage of Celebrity DUIs
A Promoter Polymorphism in the ALDH2 Gene Affects Its Basal and Acetaldehyde/Ethanol-Induced Gene Expression in Human Peripheral Blood Leukocytes and HepG2 Cells
Activation of Liver Tryptophan Pyrrolase Mediates the Decrease in Tryptophan Availability to the Brain after Acute Alcohol Consumption by Normal Subjects
Alcohol, Gestation and Breastfeeding
Effect of a Small Dose of Alcohol on the Endurance Performance of Trained Cyclists
PAT (2009)—Revisions to the Paddington Alcohol Test for Early Identification of Alcohol Misuse and Brief Advice to Reduce Emergency Department Re-attendance
The Effect of Hair Pigment on the Incorporation of Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters (FAEE)
Sweet Liking Phenotype, Alcohol Craving and Response to Naltrexone Treatment in Alcohol Dependence
Self-Assessment of Drinking on the Internet—3-, 6- and 12-Month Follow-Ups
What Was Useful about That Session? Clients' and Therapists' Comments after Sessions in the UK Alcohol Treatment Trial (UKATT)
Association of Average Daily Alcohol Consumption, Binge Drinking and Alcohol-Related Social Problems
Alcohol Consumption in the Country and Hospitalizations for Acute Alcohol Pancreatitis and Liver Cirrhosis during a 20-Year Period
Alcohol Poisoning in Belarus
Alcohol Consumption Behaviours and Social Mobility in Men and Women of the Midspan Family Study
The End of My Addiction. How One Man Cured Himself of Alcoholism
Publishing Addiction Science