Overview of the Genetics of Alcohol Use Disorder
The Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Alcohol Use Disorders
NADPH Oxidase Plays a Role on Ethanol-Induced Hypertension and Reactive Oxygen Species Generation in the Vasculature
Peripheral Administration of Ethanol Results in a Correlated Increase in Dopamine and Serotonin Within the Posterior Ventral Tegmental Area
Evaluation of TLR4 Inhibitor, T5342126, in Modulation of Ethanol-Drinking Behavior in Alcohol-Dependent Mice
Alcohol-Induced Stimulation Mediates the Effect of a GABRA2 SNP on Alcohol Self-Administrated among Alcohol-Dependent Individuals
Development and Validation of Quality Indicators on Continuing Care for Patients With AUD
Reductions in Alcohol Craving Following Naltrexone Treatment for Heavy Drinking
Women and Men Admitted for Alcohol Intoxication at an Emergency Department
Early Life Health, Trauma and Social Determinants of Lifetime Abstention from Alcohol
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Extended Brief Intervention for Alcohol-Dependent Patients in an Acute Hospital Setting
Ethnic Variations in Liver- and Alcohol-Related Disease Hospitalisations and Mortality
Distinct Classes of Negative Alcohol-Related Consequences in a National Sample of Incoming First-Year College Students
Underestimating the Alcohol Content of a Glass of Wine
Exposure to Online Alcohol Marketing and Adolescents’ Drinking
Prescribed Psychotropic Medication Use in Patients Receiving Residential Addiction Treatment
Cost-Effectiveness of Nalmefene
Reply to Naudet and Colleagues. Cost-Effectiveness in Health Technology Assessment—A Case in Alcohol Dependence
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Substance Abuse and Addiction Among Ex-Service Personnel