The Search for Mechanisms of Behavior Change in Evidence-Based Behavioral Treatments for Alcohol Use Disorders
Conceptual and Design Essentials for Evaluating Mechanisms of Change
Mechanisms, Determinants and Processes of Change in the Modification of Drinking Behavior
The Search for Mechanisms of Change in Behavioral Treatments for Alcohol Use Disorders
A Case Study of Mediators of Treatment Effectiveness
Client Language as a Mediator of Motivational Interviewing Efficacy
Lessons Learned From Psychotherapy Research
Statistical Considerations in Identifying Mechanisms of Change
Advances in Causal Chain Development and Testing in Alcohol Research
12-Step Approaches for the Dually Diagnosed
Reducing Past Harm Appraisals During Treatment Predicts Worse Substance Use Outcome
Treatment Completion in a Brief Motivational Intervention in the Emergency Department
A Role for Spiritual Change in the Benefits of 12-Step Involvement
Treatment Processes and Mediators of Substance Use Disorders Treatment Effects
A Broader View of Change in Drinking Behavior
Perspectives and Future Directions