In Memory of Morris E. Chafetz, M.D., 1924–2011
Commentary: Studies on Binge-Like Ethanol Drinking May Help to Identify the Neurobiological Mechanisms Underlying the Transition to Dependence
PPARγ Ligands Regulate NADPH Oxidase, eNOS, and Barrier Function in the Lung Following Chronic Alcohol Ingestion
Pharmacodynamic Effects of Intravenous Alcohol on Hepatic and Gonadal Hormones: Influence of Age and Sex
Ethanol-Induced Oxidative Stress via the CYP2E1 Pathway Disrupts Adiponectin Secretion from Adipocytes
GABAA Receptor Modulation During Adolescence Alters Adult Ethanol Intake and Preference in Rats
Ethanol-Induced Loss-of-Righting Response During Ethanol Withdrawal in Male and Female Rats: Associations with Alterations in Arc Labeling
Endothelial Dysfunction and High Cardiovascular Risk Profile in Severe Alcoholics Improve Only Partially Following a Medium-Term Alcohol Withdrawal
Characterization of Sialic Acid Index of Plasma Apolipoprotein J and Phosphatidylethanol During Alcohol Detoxification—A Pilot Study
Housekeeping Gene Variability in the Liver of Alcoholic Patients
Cannabinoid Receptor 1 Gene is Associated with Alcohol Dependence
Alcohol Dehydrogenase-1B Arg47His Polymorphism and Upper Aerodigestive Tract Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis Including 24,252 Subjects
In the Rat, Chronic Intermittent Ethanol Exposure During Adolescence Alters the Ethanol Sensitivity of Tonic Inhibition in Adulthood
Opioidergic Modulation of Ethanol Self-Administration in the Ventral Pallidum
Reduced Fronto-Cerebellar Functional Connectivity in Chronic Alcoholic Patients
Children with Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Exhibit Deficits when Regulating Isometric Force
The Impact of Alcohol on BCG-Induced Immunity Against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Hepatic Safety and Antiretroviral Effectiveness in HIV-Infected Patients Receiving Naltrexone
Alcohol Dependence is Related to Overall Internalizing Psychopathology Load Rather than to Particular Internalizing Disorders: Evidence from a National Sample
The Biometric Measurement of Alcohol Consumption
General and Cancer Mortality in a Large Cohort of Italian Alcoholics
Prazosin Effects on Stress- and Cue-Induced Craving and Stress Response in Alcohol-Dependent Individuals: Preliminary Findings
To Approach or Avoid Alcohol? Automatic and Self-Reported Motivational Tendencies in Alcohol Dependence
Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Acting on Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Receptor Type 1 is Critical for Binge Alcohol Drinking in Mice
The Legacy of Minimum Legal Drinking Age Law Changes: Long-Term Effects on Suicide and Homicide Deaths Among Women