An Update of Research Examining College Student Alcohol-Related Consequences: New Perspectives and Implications for Interventions
Racial/Ethnic Differences in Alcohol-Related Suicide: A Call for Focus on Unraveling Paradoxes and Understanding Structural Forces that Shape Alcohol-Related Health
Comment on “Intranasal Oxytocin Blocks Alcohol Withdrawal in Human Subjects” by Pedersen and Colleagues ( 2013 )
Microinjections of Acetaldehyde or Salsolinol into the Posterior Ventral Tegmental Area Increase Dopamine Release in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell
Genome-Wide Significant Association Signals in IPO11-HTR1A Region Specific for Alcohol and Nicotine Codependence
Intravenous Ethanol Increases Extracellular Dopamine in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex of the Long–Evans Rat
Global Functional Connectivity Abnormalities in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Childhood Maltreatment Affects the Serotonergic System in Male Alcohol-Dependent Individuals
Imbalanced Synaptic Plasticity Induced Spatial Cognition Impairment in Male Offspring Rats Treated with Chronic Prenatal Ethanol Exposure
Dopamine D1 Receptor Signaling System Regulates Ryanodine Receptor Expression in Ethanol Physical Dependence
Local Changes in Neurosteroid Levels in the Substantia Nigra Reticulata and the Ventral Tegmental Area Alter Chronic Ethanol Withdrawal Severity in Male Withdrawal Seizure-Prone Mice
Resting-State Synchrony in Short-Term Versus Long-Term Abstinent Alcoholics
Longitudinal Associations Between Smoking Cessation Medications and Alcohol Consumption Among Smokers in the International Tobacco Control Four Country Survey
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