Quick Method for Confirmation of Quantitative Trait Loci
Acute Ethanol Intoxication Suppresses the Pulmonary Inflammatory Response in Rats Challenged with Intrapulmonary Endotoxin
Acute Ethanol Administration Modulates Leukocyte Actin Polymerization in Endotoxic Rats
Increased Ethanol Self-Administration after a Period of Imposed Ethanol Deprivation in Rats Trained in a Limited Access Paradigm
Studies on the Time-Course of Ethanol's Acute Effects on Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis
Evaluation of Lactational Parameters after Alcohol Administration for Four Days during Early or Midlactation in the Rat
Dexmedetomidine, Diazepam, and Propranolol in the Treatment of Ethanol Withdrawal Symptoms in the Rat
Alcohol Consumption by Young Actively Growing Rats
Effects of Time-of-Day and Photoperiod Phase Shifts on Voluntary Ethanol Consumption in Rats
Effect of Fetal Ethanol Exposure on the In Vitro Release of Growth Hormone, Somatostatin and Growth Hormone-Releasing Factor Induced by Clonidine and Growth Hormone Feedback in Male and Female Rats
Behavioral Similarities and Differences among Alcohol-Preferring and -Nonpreferring Rats
Effects of Prenatal Ethanol Exposure on Parvalbumin-Expressing GABAergic Neurons in the Adult Rat Medial Septum
Deposition of Cellular Fibronectin Increases before Stellate Cell Activation in Rat Liver during Ethanol Feeding
Time Course of Acamprosate Action on Operant Ethanol Self-Administration after Ethanol Deprivation
Chronic Alcohol Consumption Causes Accelerated Myocardial Preconditioning to Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Effects of Prenatal and Early Postnatal Ethanol Exposure on [H]MK-801 Binding in Rat Cortex and Hippocampus
Ethanol Reduces Expression of the Nerve Growth Factor Receptor, But Not Nerve Growth Factor Protein Levels in the Neonatal Rat Cerebellum
Development of a Screening Questionnaire for the General Hospital and General Practices
Alcohol Use Disorders, Consumption Patterns, and Health-Related Quality of Life of Primary Care Patients
Naltrexone Biotransformation and Incidence of Subjective Side Effects
Smooth Pursuit Eye Movement Dysfunction in Abstinent Cocaine Abusers
Changes in Alcohol Use and Alcohol-Related Problems among 7th to 12th Grade Students in New York State, 1983-1994
Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin as a Marker of Alcohol Consumption in Male Patients with Liver Disease
Gender and Alcohol Dosing
Cost and Usage Impacts of Treatment Initiation
Endogenous Production of Methanol after the Consumption of Fruit
Adolescent Risk Factors and the Prediction of Persistent Alcohol and Drug Use into Adulthood
Voices of the Afflicted