Psychometric Properties of the Penn Alcohol Craving Scale
Differences in the Opioid System in Selected Brain Regions of Alcohol-Preferring and Alcohol-Nonpreferring Rats
Chronic Alcoholism Is Associated With an Imbalanced Production of Th-1/Th-2 Cytokines by Peripheral Blood T Cells
Association of Low-Voltage Alpha EEG With a Subtype of Alcohol Use Disorders
A Preliminary Study of Acute Responses to Clamped Alcohol Concentration and Family History of Alcoholism
Blood Ethanol Concentrations in Rats Drinking Sucrose/Ethanol Solutions
CSF Monoamine Metabolite and Beta Endorphin Levels in Recently Detoxified Alcoholics and Healthy Controls
Alcohol Increases Commission Error Rates for a Continuous Performance Test
Oral Ethanol Self-Administration in Rhesus Monkeys
Serotonergic Neuronal Activity in the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus of Selectively Bred Alcohol-Preferring and Alcohol-Nonpreferring Rats and Unselected Wistar Rats
A New Model of Ethanol Self-Administration in Newborn Rats
Clozapine's Effects on Ethanol's Motivational Properties
Naltrexone's Effect on Cue-Elicited Craving Among Alcoholics in Treatment
Individual Differences in Auditory and Visual Attention Among Fetal Alcohol-Affected Adults
Effects of Ethanol on Intestinal Absorption of Drugs
Role of Yeasts in the Salivary Acetaldehyde Production From Ethanol Among Risk Groups for Ethanol-Associated Oral Cavity Cancer