Cytokines and the Molecular Mechanisms of Alcoholic Liver Disease
Involvement of the Cyclic AMP-Responsive Element Binding Protein Gene Transcription Factor in Genetic Preference for Alcohol Drinking Behavior
Effects of Ethanol on Neutrophil Recruitment and Lung Host Defense in Nitric Oxide Synthase I and Nitric Oxide Synthase II Knockout Mice
Monitoring Ethanol Exposure in a Clinical Setting by Analysis of Blood, Breath, Saliva, and Urine
Michaelis-Menten Elimination Kinetics of Acetate in Rabbit
Ethanol's Actions on cAMP-Mediated Signaling in Cells Transfected With Type VII Adenylyl Cyclase
Naltrexone Reduces Ethanol- and/or Water-Reinforced Responding in Rhesus Monkeys
Central Administration of an Opiate Antagonist Decreases Oral Ethanol Self-Administration in Rats
Evaluation of the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (YBOCS-hd) for Heavy Drinking With Mild to Moderately Dependent Alcohol Abusers
Factor Structure and Predictive Validity of the Obsessive Compulsive Drinking Scale
Alcohol-Related Problems and Intimate Partner Violence Among White, Black, and Hispanic Couples in the U.S.
Association of Moderate Consumption of Alcohol With Rates of Heavy Drinking and Abstinence in Spain
Suppression of Mismatch Negativity by Backward Masking Predicts Impaired Working-Memory Performance in Alcoholics
Effect of Cigarette Smoking on ACTH/Cortisol Secretion in Alcoholics After Short- and Medium-Term Abstinence
In Utero Ethanol Exposure Increases Proenkephalin, a Precursor of a Neuropeptide That Is Inhibitory to Neuronal Growth
Nitric Oxide-Dependent Ethanol Stimulation of Ciliary Motility Is Linked to cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase (PKA) Activation in Bovine Bronchial Epithelium
Chronic Alcohol Consumption During Male Rat Adolescence Impairs Skeletal Development Through Effects on Osteoblast Gene Expression, Bone Mineral Density, and Bone Strength
Hepatitis C and Alcohol
Ethanol and Protein Kinase C