Association Between Ethanol and Sucrose Intake in the Laboratory Mouse: Exploration Via Congenic Strains and Conditioned Taste Aversion
Effect of Chronic Alcohol Consumption on Total Plasma Homocysteine Level in Rats
Analysis of Heritability of Hormonal Responses to Alcohol in Twins: Beta-Endorphin as a Potential Biomarker of Genetic Risk for Alcoholism
P Rats Develop Physical Dependence on Alcohol Via Voluntary Drinking: Changes in Seizure Thresholds, Anxiety, and Patterns of Alcohol Drinking
MK-801 Blocks the Development of Behavioral Sensitization to Ethanol
Ethanol Suppresses NK Cell Activation by Polyinosinic-Polycytidylic Acid (Poly I:C) in Female B6C3F1 Mice: Role of Endogenous Corticosterone
Early Postnatal Ethanol Exposure Has Long-Term Effects on the Performance of Male Rats in a Delayed Matching-to-Place Task in the Morris Water Maze
Avian Genetic Background Modulates the Neural Crest Apoptosis Induced by Ethanol Exposure
Effect of Ethanol on Brain Metallothionein in Transgenic Mice
Impaired Protein Synthesis Induced by Acute Alcohol Intoxication Is Associated With Changes in eIF4E in Muscle and eIF2B in Liver
Pronounced Hepatic Free Radical Formation Precedes Pathological Liver Injury in Ethanol-Fed Rats
U.S.-Japan Joint Workshop: Introduction
Alcohol and Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Genotypes in Korsakoff Syndrome
An Association Study Between Alcoholism and the Serotonergic Receptor Genes
Association Study Between Genetic Polymorphisms in the 14–3-3 η Chain and Dopamine D4 Receptor Genes and Alcoholism
Differential Display of Ethanol-Induced Gene in N18TG2 Cells
Ethanol Improves Decreased Filterability of Human Red Blood Cells Through Modulation of Intracellular Signaling Pathways
Acute and Chronic Effect of Alcohol on Ca2+ Channels in Hepatic Stellate Cells
Changes in Dopamine Transporter and c-Fos Expression in the Nucleus Accumbens of Alcohol-Tolerant Rats
Involvement of μ-Opioid Receptor in the Salsolinol-Associated Place Preference in Rats Exposed to Conditioned Fear Stress
Before-Discharge Intervention Method in the Treatment of Alcohol Dependence
Japanese National Survey of Adolescent Drinking Behavior in 1996
Is Heavy Alcohol Consumption an Attributable Risk Factor for Cancer-Related Deaths Among Japanese Men?
Prospective Study on Alcohol Intake and Risk of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Among Japanese Men and Women
Effect of Acute Ethanol Administration on the Intestinal Absorption of Endotoxin in Rats
Summation of U. S.-Japan Workshop
Announcement of the Tenth ISBRA Congress: July 2–8, 2000, Yokohama, Japan
Oscar A. Parsons, Ph.D.