The Expression of an Alcohol Deprivation Effect in the High–Alcohol-Drinking Replicate Rat Lines Is Dependent On Repeated Deprivations
Ethanol-Induced Up-Regulation of Candidate Plasminogen Receptor Annexin II in Cultured Human Endothelial Cells
An Abundant Proneurotensin Polymorphism, 479A>G, and a Test of Its Association With Alcohol Dependence in a Finnish Population
A New Assessment of the Ability of Oral Ethanol to Function as a Reinforcing Stimulus
Season of Birth and Substance Abuse: Findings From a Large National Sample
Dissociation Between the Time Course of Ethanol and Extracellular Dopamine Concentrations in the Nucleus Accumbens After a Single Intraperitoneal Injection
Subjective and Objective Responses to Ethanol in Moderate/Heavy and Light Social Drinkers
Reverse Microdialysis of a Dopamine Uptake Inhibitor in the Nucleus Accumbens of Alcohol-Preferring Rats: Effects on Dialysate Dopamine Levels and Ethanol Intake
Ethanol-Induced c-Fos Expression in Catecholamine- and Neuropeptide Y-Producing Neurons in Rat Brainstem
Platelet Adenylyl Cyclase Activity as a Trait Marker of Alcohol Dependence
Regional Brain Metabolism During Alcohol Intoxication
4.0 T Water Proton T1 Relaxation Times in Normal Human Brain and During Acute Ethanol Intoxication
The Modulation of B16BL6 Melanoma Metastasis Is Not Directly Mediated by Cytolytic Activity of Natural Killer Cells in Alcohol-Consuming Mice
Role of Nitric Oxide in Endotoxin-Induced Hepatic Microvascular Dysfunction in Rats Chronically Fed Ethanol
Effects of CH-100, a Chinese Herbal Medicine, on Acute Concanavalin A-Mediated Hepatitis in Control and Alcohol-Fed Rats
Heart Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Complexes Are Functionally Unaffected in Heavy Ethanol Drinkers Without Cardiomyopathy
Brain High Energy Phosphate Responses to Alcohol Exposure in Neonatal Rats: An In Vivo 31P-NMR Study
High Salivary Acetaldehyde After a Moderate Dose of Alcohol in ALDH2-Deficient Subjects: Strong Evidence for the Local Carcinogenic Action of Acetaldehyde
Integrating Person-Centered and Variable-Centered Approaches in the Study of Developmental Courses and Transitions in Alcohol Use: Introduction to the Special Section
Integrating Person-Centered and Variable-Centered Analyses: Growth Mixture Modeling With Latent Trajectory Classes
Early Adult Outcomes of Adolescent Binge Drinking: Person- and Variable-Centered Analyses of Binge Drinking Trajectories
Trajectories of Concurrent Substance Use Disorders: A Developmental, Typological Approach to Comorbidity
Transitions in Drinking in Adolescent Females: Evidence From the Missouri Adolescent Female Twin Study
Comments on Integrating Person-Centered and Variable-Centered Research on Problems Associated With the Use of Alcohol