Identification of a 251-bp Fragment of the PAI-1 Gene Promoter That Mediates the Ethanol-Induced Suppression of PAI-1 Expression
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Responsivity and Development of Tolerance to the Motor Impairing Effects of Moderate Doses of Ethanol in Alcohol-Preferring (P) and -Nonpreferring (NP) Rat Lines
NMDA Receptor Subunit mRNA and Protein Expression in Ethanol-Withdrawal Seizure-Prone and -Resistant Mice
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MK-801 Can Exacerbate or Attenuate Behavioral Alterations Associated With Neonatal Alcohol Exposure in the Rat, Depending on the Timing of Administration
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Hypothalamic Function in Response to 2-Deoxy-d-Glucose in Long-Term Abstinent Alcoholics
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