Genetic Correlations Between Initial Sensitivity to Ethanol and Brain cAMP Signaling in Inbred and Selectively Bred Mice
Genetic Repeat Polymorphism in the Regulating Region of CYP2E1: Frequency and Relationship With Enzymatic Activity in Alcoholics
No Association Between the Dopamine D2 Receptor Taq I A1 Allele and Earlier Age of Onset of Alcohol Dependence According to Different Specified Criteria
Comparison of Global Brain Gene Expression Profiles Between Inbred Long-Sleep and Inbred Short-Sleep Mice by High-Density Gene Array Hybridization
Altered GABAA Receptor Subunit and Splice Variant Expression in Rats Treated With Chronic Intermittent Ethanol
4-Methylpyrazole Decreases Salivary Acetaldehyde Levels in ALDH2-Deficient Subjects but Not in Subjects With Normal ALDH2
Family Interactions of Alcoholics as Related to Alcoholism Type and Drinking Condition
Effects of Assessment Frequency on Subjective Intoxication Ratings After Alcohol Consumption
Combining Ondansetron and Naltrexone Treats Biological Alcoholics: Corroboration of Self-Reported Drinking by Serum Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin, A Biomarker
The Identification of Alcohol Intoxication by Police
Ethanol-Induced Impairments in Spatial Working Memory Are Not Due to Deficits in Learning
In Utero Ethanol Exposure Causes Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Which Can Result in Apoptotic Cell Death in Fetal Brain: A Potential Role for 4-Hydroxynonenal
Effect of Alcohol Consumption on Host Release of Interleukin-17 During Pulmonary Infection With Klebsiella pneumoniae
Cardioprotective Effect of Propranolol From Alcohol-Induced Heart Muscle Damage as Assessed by Plasma Cardiac Troponin-T
Effects of Prenatal Ethanol Exposure on Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Regulation After Adrenalectomy and Corticosterone Replacement
Mitochondrial DNA Damage and Impaired Mitochondrial Function Contribute to Apoptosis of Insulin-Stimulated Ethanol-Exposed Neuronal Cells
Variations in Corticosterone Feedback Do Not Reveal Differences in HPA Activity After Prenatal Ethanol Exposure
Effects of Ethanol and Naltrexone in a Model of Traumatic Brain Injury With Hemorrhagic Shock
Chemical Pathology in Brain White Matter of Recently Detoxified Alcoholics: A 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Investigation of Alcohol-Associated Frontal Lobe Injury
Inhibition of Caspases In Vivo Protects the Rat Liver Against Alcohol-Induced Sensitization to Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide