Highlights of the Issue
Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Ethanol in C57BL/6J and DBA/2J Inbred Mice
Decreased Ethanol Preference and Consumption in Dopamine Transporter Female Knock-Out Mice
The Selectively Bred High Alcohol Sensitivity (HAS) and Low Alcohol Sensitivity (LAS) Rats Differ in Sensitivity to Nicotine
Ethanol Sensitivity in ATP-Gated P2X Receptors Is Subunit Dependent
Alcohol Modulation of Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors Is α Subunit Dependent
Kindling of Withdrawal: A Study of Craving and Anxiety After Multiple Detoxifications in Alcoholic Inpatients
The Decreased Cellular Expression of Neuropeptide Y Protein in Rat Brain Structures During Ethanol Withdrawal After Chronic Ethanol Exposure
Temporal Discrimination Learning in Abstinent Chronic Alcoholics
Role of Acetaldehyde in the Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Ethanol
Effects of Stress and Alcohol on Subjective State in Humans
Biphasic Alcohol Response Differs in Heavy Versus Light Drinkers
Preoperative Evaluation of Chronic Alcoholics Assessed for Surgery of the Upper Digestive Tract
Attenuated Heart Rate Responses to Public Speaking in Individuals With Alcohol Dependence
Maternal Dietary Ethanol Consumption Is Associated With Hypertriglyceridemia in Adult Rat Offspring
Detection and Localization of Protein-Acetaldehyde Adducts in Rat Brain After Chronic Ethanol Treatment
Epidermal Growth Factor Protects the Liver Against Alcohol-Induced Injury and Sensitization to Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide
Acquisition and Retention of Verbal and Nonverbal Information in Children With Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Ethanol Consumption Increases Nitric Oxide Production in Rats, and Its Peroxynitrite-Mediated Toxicity Is Attenuated by Polyenylphosphatidylcholine
Treating Adolescents Together or Individually? Issues in Adolescent Substance Abuse Interventions
Alcohol Advertising and Youth
Effects of Alcohol and Oxidative Stress on Liver Pathology: The Role of the Mitochondrion
One Drink to a Lifetime of Drinking: Temporal Structures of Drinking Patterns
Advancing the Expectancy Concept via the Interplay Between Theory and Research
Promoting Self-Change With Alcohol Abusers: A Community-Level Mail Intervention Based on Natural Recovery Studies