Alcohol-Induced Up-Regulation of Fibrinolytic Activity and Plasminogen Activators in Human Monocytes
Myocardial Effects of Ethanol Consumption in the Rat With Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes
Alcohol Consumption Is Associated With Enrichment of High-Density Lipoprotein Particles in Polyunsaturated Lipids and Increased Cholesterol Esterification Rate
The Relationship Between Hippocampal Acetylcholine Release and Cholinergic Convulsant Sensitivity in Withdrawal Seizure–Prone and Withdrawal Seizure–Resistant Selected Mouse Lines
Diurnal Effects of Acute and Chronic Administration of Ethanol on Sleep in Rats
Heart Rate and Motor-Activating Effects of Orally Self-Administered Ethanol in Alcohol-Preferring (P) Rats
Differences in the Responses of the Pituitary β-Endorphin and Cardiovascular System to Ethanol and Stress as a Function of Family History
Nitrendipine Blocks the Nociceptive Effects of Chronically Administered Ethanol
An Evaluation of Relations Among Antisocial Behavior, Psychopathic Traits, and Alcohol Problems in Incarcerated Men
Cortisol Dysregulation and Cognitive Impairment in Abstinent Male Alcoholics
Disruption of Maternal Behavior by Alcohol Intoxication in the Lactating Rat: A Behavioral and Metabolic Analysis
Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin and γ-Glutamyltransferase for the Detection and Monitoring of Alcohol Use: Results From a Multisite Study
Co-occurrence of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Traits in Young and Middle-Aged Japanese Alcohol-Dependent Men
Coping Among Individuals Seeking Private Chemical Dependence Treatment: Gender Differences and Impact on Length of Stay in Treatment
Serum Sialic Acid as a Marker of Alcohol Consumption: Effect of Liver Disease and Heavy Drinking
Executive Dysfunction and Clinical Outcome in Chronic Alcoholics
Glutathione Replacement Preserves the Functional Surfactant Phospholipid Pool Size and Decreases Sepsis-Mediated Lung Dysfunction in Ethanol-Fed Rats
4-Hydroxynonenal Detoxification by Mitochondrial Glutathione S-Transferase Is Compromised by Short-Term Ethanol Consumption in Rats
Accentuated Decrease in Social Interaction in Rats Subjected to Repeated Ethanol Withdrawals
The effects of chronic alcohol consumption and exercise on the skeleton of adult male rats
Brain Catalase Inhibition Blocks Ethanol-Related Decrease of Blood Luteinizing Hormone Levels in Mice
Effects of Ethanol and Transforming Growth Factor β (TGFβ) on Neuronal Proliferation and nCAM Expression
Ethanol Induces Morphological and Dynamic Changes on In Vivo and In Vitro Neural Crest Cells
Self-Reported Subjective Perception of Intoxication Reflects Family History of Alcoholism When Breath Alcohol Levels Are Constant
Administration of Low Doses of MK-801 During Ethanol Withdrawal in the Developing Rat Pup Attenuates Alcohol’s Teratogenic Effects