Neuropeptide Y and Alcoholism: Genetic, Molecular, and Pharmacological Evidence
Gene Expression in Brain: A Window on Ethanol Dependence, Neuroadaptation, and Preference
Genetics of Alcoholism Using Intermediate Phenotypes
Herbal Remedies for Alcoholism: Promises and Possible Pitfalls
Changing Expectancies: Cognitive Mechanisms and Context Effects
Diverse Research on Alcohol and Aggression in Humans: In Memory of John A. Carpenter
New Neuronal Networks Involved in Ethanol Reinforcement
Chemosensory Factors Influencing Alcohol Perception, Preferences, and Consumption
Alcoholism: Allostasis and Beyond
The Validity of DSM-IV Alcohol Dependence: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know?
Course of Alcohol Problems in Treated Adolescents
Identification and Brief Treatment of Alcohol Problems with Medical Patients: An International Perspective
Services Integration and Cost-Effectiveness
Ego Depletion and Self-Regulation Failure: A Resource Model of Self-Control
Recent Research on the Comorbidity of Alcoholism and Pathological Gambling
Intimate Partner Violence and Drinking: New Research on Methodological Issues, Stability and Change, and Treatment
Disruption of Frontocerebellar Circuitry and Function in Alcoholism
How Important Are Brain Banks for Alcohol Research?
Neural Stem Cells and Alcohol
Alcohol Metabolism: Role in Toxicity and Carcinogenesis
Emerging Techniques in Biomedical Research and Their Application to Alcohol Toxicity
Enduring Effects of Chronic Ethanol in the CNS: Basis for Alcoholism
Neurobehavioral Consequences of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: An International Perspective
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