Highlights of the Issue
Further Evidence of an Inverse Genetic Relationship Between Innate Differences in Alcohol Preference and Alcohol Withdrawal Magnitude in Multiple Selectively Bred Rat Lines
Strain-Specific Brain Metallothionein II (MT-II) Gene Expression, Its Ethanol Responsiveness, and Association With Ethanol Preference in Mice
The Decreased Phosphorylation of Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP) Response Element Binding (CREB) Protein in the Central Amygdala Acts as a Molecular Substrate for Anxiety Related to Ethanol Withdrawal in Rats
Effect of Chronic Alcohol Consumption on the Activity of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis and Pituitary β-Endorphin as a Function of Alcohol Intake, Age, and Gender
Ethanol Drinking Experience Attenuates (-)Sulpiride-Induced Increases in Extracellular Dopamine Levels in the Nucleus Accumbens of Alcohol-Preferring (P) Rats
Reduced Olfactory Sensitivity, Discrimination, and Identification in Patients With Alcohol Dependence
Salsolinol Produces Reinforcing Effects in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell of Alcohol-Preferring (P) Rats
Coregulation of Ethanol Discrimination by the Nucleus Accumbens and Amygdala
Cognitive Efficiency in Stimulant Abusers With and Without Alcohol Dependence
Effects of Acamprosate on Excitatory Amino Acids During Multiple Ethanol Withdrawal Periods
Ethyl Glucuronide Discloses Recent Covert Alcohol Use Not Detected by Standard Testing in Forensic Psychiatric Inpatients
Evaluating Alcohol Access and the Alcohol Environment in Neighborhood Areas
IGF-I Induced Phosphorylation of S6K1 and 4E-BP1 in Heart is Impaired by Acute Alcohol Intoxication
The Effect of Chronic Binge Ethanol Consumption on the Primary Stage of SIV Infection in Rhesus Macaques
Phagocytosis and Production of Reactive Oxygen Species by Peripheral Blood Phagocytes in Patients With Different Stages of Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease: Effect of Acute Exposure to Low Ethanol Concentrations
ADH Genotype Does Not Modify the Effects of Alcohol on High-Density Lipoprotein
Ethanol-Induced Cephalic Apoptosis Requires Phospholipase C-Dependent Intracellular Calcium Signaling
Participation in Alcoholics Anonymous: Intended and Unintended Change Mechanisms
Preclinical and Clinical Studies on Naltrexone: What Have They Taught Each Other?
G × E: A NIAAA Workshop on Gene-Environment Interactions
Mechanisms of Alcohol-Induced Tissue Injury