Highlights of the Issue
High-Throughput Proteomics for Alcohol Research
Serotonin 5-HT2 Receptors and Alcohol: Reward, Withdrawal and Discrimination
Ethanol Effects on Cell Signaling Mechanisms
The Future of Proteomics in the Study of Alcoholism
Consequences of Multiple Withdrawals From Alcohol
Biological and Behavioral Markers of Alcohol Sensitivity
Serotonin-3 Receptors in the Actions of Alcohol, Alcohol Reinforcement, and Alcoholism
Integrative Neurobiology of the Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome—From Anxiety to Seizures
Building Bridges: The Transdisciplinary Study of Craving From the Animal Laboratory to the Lamppost
Overlapping Peptide Control of Alcohol Self-Administration and Feeding
Development of Novel Pharmacotherapies for the Treatment of Alcohol Dependence: Focus on Antiepileptics
Pharmacological Treatment of Alcohol Abuse/Dependence With Psychiatric Comorbidity
The Veterans Aging Cohort Study: Observational Studies of Alcohol Use, Abuse, and Outcomes Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus–Infected Veterans
Approaches to Brief Intervention for Hazardous Drinking in Young People
Collecting Longitudinal Data Through Childhood, Adolescence, and Young Adulthood: Methodological Challenges
Really Underage Drinkers: Alcohol Use Among Elementary Students
Alcohol-Induced Neurodegeneration: When, Where and Why?