Microarray Analysis of Ethanol-Treated Cortical Neurons Reveals Disruption of Genes Related to the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway and Protein Synthesis
A Polymorphism of the μ-Opioid Receptor Gene (OPRM1) and Sensitivity to the Effects of Alcohol in Humans
Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping for Ethanol Sensitivity and Neurotensin Receptor Density in an F2 Intercross Derived From Inbred High and Low Alcohol Sensitivity Selectively Bred Rat Lines
Comorbidity of Select Anxiety and Affective Disorders With Alcohol Dependence in Southwest California Indians
Motor Impairing Effects of Ethanol and Diazepam in Rats Selectively Bred for High and Low Ethanol Consumption in a Limited-Access Paradigm
Galanin Microinjection in the Third Ventricle Increases Voluntary Ethanol Intake
Increased Ethanol Drinking After Repeated Chronic Ethanol Exposure and Withdrawal Experience in C57BL/6 Mice
Ethanol’s Effects on Gait Dynamics in Mice Investigated by Ventral Plane Videography
Cigarette Smoking Exacerbates Chronic Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage: A Preliminary Metabolite Imaging Study
Mismatch Negativity: No Difference Between Treatment-Naive Alcoholics and Controls
Effects of Long-Term Episodic Access to Ethanol on the Expression of an Alcohol Deprivation Effect in Low Alcohol–Consuming Rats
MRI and Muscle Signal Intensities in Alcoholics Compared With Control Subjects
Testing the Level of Response to Alcohol: Social Information Processing Model of Alcoholism Risk—A 20-Year Prospective Study
Drinking and Spouse Abuse Among U.S. Army Soldiers
Brain Catalase Activity Inhibition as Well as Opioid Receptor Antagonism Increases Ethanol-Induced HPA Axis Activation
Role of the GABA-A System in Estrogen-Induced Protection Against Brain Lipid Peroxidation in Ethanol-Withdrawn Rats
Cytotoxic Effects of Exposure to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Protein Tat in the Hippocampus Are Enhanced by Prior Ethanol Treatment
Preserved Vasopressin Response to Osmostimulation Despite Decreased Basal Vasopressin Levels in Long-Term Abstinent Alcoholics
Lipopolysaccharide Is a Cofactor for Malondialdehyde-Acetaldehyde Adduct–Mediated Cytokine/Chemokine Release by Rat Sinusoidal Liver Endothelial and Kupffer Cells
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