Alcohol-Induced Bone Loss and Deficient Bone Repair
Considerable Haplotype Diversity within the 23kb Encompassing the ADH7 Gene
No Alcoholism-Protection Effects of ADH1B*2 Allele in Antisocial Alcoholics among Han Chinese in Taiwan
Support for Previously Identified Alcoholism Susceptibility Loci in a Cohort Selected for Smoking Behavior
Ethanol-Induced CXC-Chemokine Synthesis and Barrier Dysfunction in Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Alcohol Involvement and Marital Quality in the Early Years of Marriage: A Longitudinal Growth Curve Analysis
An in vivo Study of the Relationship between Craving and Reaction Time during Alcohol Detoxification Using the Ecological Momentary Assessment
Re-Examining Whether and Why Acculturation Relates to Drinking Outcomes in a Rigorous, National Survey of Latinos
Ghrelin Levels Are Increased in Alcoholism
Impulsive Responding in Alcoholics
Drinking Behavior from High School to Young Adulthood: Differences by College Education
Risk of Injury: A Case-Crossover Analysis of Injured Emergency Service Patients in Poland
Effects of Chronic Ethanol Ingestion and Folate Deficiency on the Activity of 10-Formyltetrahydrofolate Dehydrogenase in Rat Liver
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