Lack of association between atopy and RsaI polymorphism within intron 2 of the FcεRI-β gene in a Spanish population sample

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BackgroundThe B genotype of RasI polymorphism located within intron 2 of the Fc-IgE receptor I (FcεRI) gene was previously found to be increased in atopic patients from a Japanese population sample.MethodsWe studied these A/B genotypes in 70 Spanish atopic patients, and the results were compared to those of 51 nonatopic controls. RasI polymorphisms were studied by specific digestion of polymerase chain reaction fragments followed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.ResultsThe polymorphism frequency (A/A: 25/70, A/B: 28/70, B/B: 17/70) found in patients did not differ from the frequency in nonatopic control subjects.ConclusionsWe did not find RasI polymorphisms associated with atopic disease. The genetic findings in atopy and asthma may be very different according to ethnic and local characteristics, and they must be carefully verified in different population samples.

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