Urinary metabolomic profiling of asthmatics can be related to clinical characteristics

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Metabolomics has been increasingly explored to achieve an improved understanding of asthma. In the current observational and exploratory study, the first to have examined the relationship between oxidative stress extension, eosinophilic inflammation, and disease severity in asthmatic patients, metabolomics (using target aliphatic aldehydes and alkanes) was carried out using solid-phase microextraction (SPME) followed by a comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry with a high-resolution time-of-flight analyzer (GC×GC-ToFMS). We were able to demonstrate that metabolomics can give valuable insights into asthma mechanisms once lipidic peroxidation assessed by urinary metabolomics is related to the clinical characteristics of nonobese asthmatics, such as disease severity, lung function, and eosinophilic inflammation. Nevertheless, considering our sample size, the obtained results require further validation using a much larger sample cohort.

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