Gastrin interferes with the differentiation of gastric pit cells and parietal cells
Time-course changes of ECL cell markers in acetic acid-induced gastric ulcers in rats
Inhibition of CN (protein phosphatase-2B) suppresses Ca2+-mediated acid secretion in rats
Circadian rhythm of melatonin and prostaglandin in modulation of stress-induced gastric mucosal lesions in rats
Effect of taurine on ulcerogenic response and impaired ulcer healing induced by monochloramine in rat stomachs
Association between gastric myoelectrical activity and intraluminal nitric oxide
Increased expression of epidermal growth factor receptors in basal cell hyperplasia of the oesophagus after acid reflux oesophagitis in rats
Ubiquitin-proteasome inhibitor enhances tumour necrosis factor-α-induced apoptosis in rat gastric epithelial cells
Effect of PPARγ ligands on the viability of gastric epithelial cells
Gastric ulcerogenic responses following barrier disruption in knockout mice lacking prostaglandin EP1 receptors
Inhibition of proliferation of gastric epithelial cells by a cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitor, JTE522, is also mediated by a PGE2-independent pathway
Up-regulation of COX-2 by inhibition of COX-1 in the rat: a key to NSAID-induced gastric injury
COX-2, prostanoids and colon cancer
Wine stimulates gastric acid secretion in isolated rabbit gastric glands via two different pathways
Conditional loss of TGF-β signalling leads to increased susceptibility to gastrointestinal carcinogenesis in mice
The relationship between gastric cancer cells circulating in the blood and microsatellite instability positive gastric carcinomas
Detection of cancer cells in peripheral blood of stomach cancer patients using RT-PCR amplification of tumour-specific mRNAs
Screening of gene expression profiles in gastric epithelial cells induced by Helicobacter pylori using microarray analysis
No difference in the level of gastric mucosal cell apoptosis and proliferation in Helicobacter pylori-colonized p53 heterozygous knockout mice
High molecular protein of Helicobacter pylori responsible for inhibition of ornithine decarboxylase activity of human gastric cultured cells
Persistent increase in myofibroblasts in Helicobacter heilmannii-infected mice but not in Helicobacter pylori-infected Mongolian gerbils: colocalization of COX-2 and bFGF immunoreactivity
Autonomic nervous activity before and after eradication of Helicobacter pylori in patients with chronic duodenal ulcer
Sensitivity of biopsy site in evaluating regression of gastric atrophy after Helicobacter pylori eradication treatment
Role of elastase and active oxygen species in gastric mucosal injury induced by aspirin administration in Helicobacter pylori-infected Mongolian gerbils
Ten-year prospective follow-up study on the relationship between Helicobacter pylori infection and progression of atrophic gastritis, particularly assessed by endoscopic findings
Successful eradication of Helicobacter pylori prevents relapse of peptic ulcer disease
Effect of acid suppression therapy on development of gastric erosions after cure of Helicobacter pylori infection
Clarithromycin increases the release of heat shock protein B from Helicobacter pylori
Proton pump inhibitor modifies inflammatory reaction in human gastric mucosa infected by Helicobacter pylori
Analysis of Helicobacter pylori and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced gastric epithelial injury
Eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection induces an increase in body mass index