Review article: quantitative leucocyte scanning in the assessment of inflammatory bowel disease activity and its response to therapy
Gastric mucosal injury and adaptation to oral and rectal administration of naproxen
Eradication of Helicobacter pylori in general practice
Repeat prescribing of ulcer healing drugs in general practice-prevalence and underlying diagnosis
Gastrointestinal tolerability of lornoxicam compared to that of naproxen in healthy male volunteers
Sulphasalazine treatment and the colorectal mucosa-associated flora in ulcerative colitis
Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection with low or high dose omeprazole combined with amoxycillin and the effect of early retreatment
Mast cells do not contribute to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced gastric mucosal injury in rodents
Gastric mucosal infiltration by Helicobacter pylori favours bacterial survival after treatment
Twenty-four-hour intragastric acidity following early evening or bedtime administration of roxatidine in duodenal ulcer patients
Triple therapy with sucralfate, amoxycillin and metronidazole for healing duodenal ulcer and eradicating Helicobacter pylori infection
Viral nucleotide changes in asymptomatic hepatitis B carriers undergoing interferon treatment
High effectiveness and safety of one-week antibiotic regimen in Helicobacter pylori eradication
One-week triple therapy with omeprazole, amoxycillin and either clarithromycin or metronidazole for cure of Helicobacter pylori infection
Comparison of two lansoprazole-antibiotic combinations (amoxycillin or classical triple therapy) for treatment of H. pylori infection in duodenal ulcer patients
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