Applications and future of gastric electrical stimulation
Lamivudine prophylaxis for chemotherapy-induced reactivation of chronic hepatitis B virus infection
The effects of tegaserod on oesophageal function and bolus transport in healthy volunteers
The effect of sildenafil on segmental oesophageal motility and gastro-oesophageal reflux
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Type I autoimmune hepatitis
Endoscopic sphincterotomy with or without cholecystectomy for choledocholithiasis in high-risk surgical patients
Cost-effectiveness of growth factors during hepatitis C anti-viral therapy
A randomized trial of pegylated-interferon-α2a plus ribavirin with or without amantadine in the re-treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C not responding to standard interferon and ribavirin
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Adherence rates with infliximab therapy in Crohn's disease
The +1059G/C polymorphism in the C-reactive protein (CRP) gene is associated with involvement of the terminal ileum and decreased serum CRP levels in patients with Crohn's disease
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Adipokines and gastrointestinal disease
Adipokines and gastrointestinal disease