Systematic review with meta‐analysis
Review article
Consensus report
Randomised clinical trial
Risk of incident Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
Effects of vedolizumab on health‐related quality of life in patients with ulcerative colitis
Addition of an immunomodulator can reverse antibody formation and loss of response in patients treated with adalimumab
The influence of Helicobacter pylori on the ethnic distribution of Barrett's metaplasia
The learning curve for interpretation of oesophageal high‐resolution manometry
The Endoscopic Reference Score shows modest accuracy to predict either clinical or histological activity in adult patients with eosinophilic oesophagitis
Oesophageal lichen planus
Chronic opioid use is associated with altered gut microbiota and predicts readmissions in patients with cirrhosis
Improvement in liver histology due to lifestyle modification is independently associated with improved kidney function in patients with non‐alcoholic steatohepatitis
Non‐alcoholic fatty liver diseases and risk of colorectal neoplasia
Diagnostic accuracy of faecal biomarkers in detecting colorectal cancer and adenoma in symptomatic patients
Dynamics of occurrence of refractory coeliac disease and associated complications over 25 years