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The Asthma Predictive Index: early diagnosis of asthma
Early exposure to acetaminophen and allergic disorders
Monitoring asthma status
Definitions of asthma exacerbations
The role of parent-initiated oral corticosteroids in preschool wheeze and school-aged asthma
Determinants of patient compliance in allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
The fascinating world of molecular diagnosis in the management of food allergy: nondum matura est
Microarray of allergenic component-based diagnosis in food allergy
Molecular diagnosis of egg allergy
Molecular diagnosis of cow's milk allergy
Molecular diagnosis of peanut and legume allergy
Molecular diagnosis of fruit and vegetable allergy
Quality of life in food allergy
Cow's milk allergy as a global challenge
Food allergies and asthma
Food-induced anaphylaxis
Immediate adverse reactions to biologicals: from pathogenic mechanisms to prophylactic management
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