Editorial introductions
Work-related laryngeal syndromes
The role of lymphocyte proliferation tests in assessing occupational sensitization and disease
Epigenetics mediate environment
The current diagnostic role of the specific occupational laboratory challenge test
Immunological and inflammatory responses to organic dust in agriculture
The effect of environmental oxidative stress on airway inflammation
Irritant-induced asthma
Occupational causes of sarcoidosis
Virus infection and allergy in the development of asthma
Lesson from the farm environment
Allergens and bacteria interaction in the induction of basophil activation
Influence of poverty and infection on asthma in Latin America
Vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor for childhood allergic disease and asthma
Obesity and childhood asthma – mechanisms and manifestations
Severe asthma in childhood
Psychosocial stress and asthma morbidity
Current World Literature