Editorial introductions
Post-hoc data analysis : benefits and limitations
Asthma exacerbations : predisposing factors and prediction rules
Have expert guidelines made a difference in asthma outcomes?
Are results of environmental exposure units transferable to real-life exposure?
From phenotypes to endotypes to asthma treatment
Diversity of intestinal microbiota in infancy and the risk of allergic disease in childhood
Glucocorticosteroids for the treatment and prevention of anaphylaxis
The value of mucosal allergen challenge for the diagnosis of food allergy
Diet : the key to allergy prevention?
Growth and nutritional concerns in children with food allergy
Probiotics and prebiotics in preventing food allergy and eczema
Food allergy : the perspectives of prevention using vitamin D
Bacterial lysates in food allergy prevention
Randomized controlled trials investigating the role of allergen exposure in food allergy : where are we now?
Oral food desensitization : the BACH proposal for the very gradual reintroduction of a food
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