Editorial introductions
Transient receptor potential channels and occupational exposure
Risk factors for nonwork-related adult-onset asthma and occupational asthma
Engineered nanomaterial exposure and the risk of allergic disease
IgE antibodies in occupational asthma
Airway effects of traffic-related air pollution on outdoor workers
Occupational allergy
Medical surveillance for the emerging occupational and environmental respiratory diseases
Early weight gain and the development of asthma and atopy in children
Early-life viral infections and the development of asthma
The relationships between environmental bacterial exposure, airway bacterial colonization, and asthma
Eosinophils in the pathogenesis of paediatric severe asthma
Current status of therapy with omalizumab in children
Body mass index and the incidence of asthma in children
Shared clinician–patient decision-making about treatment of pediatric asthma
Allergic rhinitis