Editorial introductions
A wide scope of new developments in occupational allergy and clinical immunology
Progress with Structure–Activity Relationship modelling of occupational chemical respiratory sensitizers
Social media use for occupational lung disease
Silicosis and autoimmunity
Traffic-related air pollution and allergic disease
Update on asthma and cleaning agents
Pediatric asthma – moving ahead faster than ever
Asthma guidelines
Childhood asthma is a risk factor for the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Prenatal exposures and the development of childhood wheezing illnesses
Microbes, allergic sensitization, and the natural history of asthma
The effect of obesity, weight gain, and weight loss on asthma inception and control
Management of preschool recurrent wheezing and asthma
Strategies to alter the natural history of childhood asthma
Current and future management of the young child with early onset wheezing
Incorporating technology to advance asthma controller adherence
Building school health partnerships to improve pediatric asthma care