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Safety and appropriate use of salmeterol in the treatment of asthma
Vocal cord dysfunction
Immunologic and physicochemical studies of Bermuda grass pollen antigen BG60
Quantification of conjunctival vascular reaction by digital imaging
Allergy to latex in spina bifida: A multivariate study of associated factors in 100 consecutive patients
The relationships between nasal hyperreactivity, quality of life, and nasal symptoms in patients with perennial allergic rhinitis
Undertreatment in a nonselected population of adult patients with asthma
Long-term oral corticosteroid therapy does not alter the results of immediate-type allergy skin prick tests
Effects of montelukast (MK-0476), a new potent cysteinyl leukotriene (LTD4) receptor antagonist, in patients with chronic asthma
The prevalence of anti-latex IgE antibodies among registered nurses
Cat and dog allergy and total IgE as risk factors of laboratory animal allergy
A methodological assessment of diurnal variability of peak flow as a basis for comparing different inhaled steroid formulations
Allergen bronchoprovocation of patients with mild allergic asthma after ozone exposure
Cloning and expression of complementary DNA coding for an allergen with common antibody-binding specificities with three allergens of the house dust mite Blomia tropicalis
Immunotherapy suppresses the production of monocyte chemotactic and activating factor and augments the production of IL-8 in children with asthma
Yellow jacket venom allergens, hyaluronidase and phospholipase: Sequence similarity and antigenic cross-reactivity with their hornet and wasp homologs and possible implications for clinical allergy
Identification of the allergenic components of kiwi fruit and evaluation of their cross-reactivity with timothy and birch pollens
Attenuation of allergen-evoked nasal responses by local pretreatment with exogenous neuropeptide Y in atopic patients
Depletion of CD8+ T cells enhances pulmonary inflammation but not airway responsiveness after antigen challenge in rats
The 14.6 kd rubber elongation factor (Hev b 1) and 24 kd (Hev b 3) rubber particle proteins are recognized by IgE from patients with spina bifida and latex allergy
Lymphocyte proliferation response to extracts from different latex materials and to the purified latex allergen Hev b 1 (rubber elongation factor)
Comparison of recombinant timothy grass pollen allergens with natural extract for diagnosis of grass pollen allergy in different populations
Mechanism of neutrophil recruitment induced by IL-8 in chronic sinusitis
Cross-reactivity between a penicillin and a cephalosporin with the same side chain
Intolerance to nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs: Results of controlled drug challenges in 98 patients
Phenotypic characterization of T cells infiltrating the conjunctiva in chronic allergic eye disease
Surimi: Something fishy
Anaphylactic reaction after bites by Glossina morsitans (tsetse fly) in a laboratory worker
Effect of combined antibacterial and antifungal treatment in severe atopic dermatitis
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis and common variable hypogammaglobulinemia in an adult male patient: Case report
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a patient with hypogammaglobulinemia
Prevalence of cross-sensitivity with acetaminophen and other nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs in asthmatic patients
Reply: Prevalence of cross-sensitivity with acetaminophen and other nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs in asthmatic patients
Intradermal skin tests in the diagnostic evaluation of food allergy
Reply: Intradermal skin tests in the diagnostic evaluation of food allergy
Reliability of olive pollen extracts for skin prick tests
Occupational latex allergy
Reply: Occupational latex allergy
Agonizing over long-acting β-agonists
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