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Professional Opportunities
Future directions for allergen immunotherapy
Biologic activities of IL-1 and its role in human disease
Diagnostic skin testing for natural rubber latex allergy
Osteoporosis in the corticosteroid-treated patient with asthma
Comparison of 3 different doses of budesonide and placebo on the early asthmatic response to inhaled allergen
Differential regulation of allergen-specific TH2- but not TH1-type responses by alveolar macrophages in atopic asthma
Expression of epithelial markers in nocturnal asthma
Association between Der p 1 concentration and peak expiratory flow rate in children with wheeze: A longitudinal analysis
Evaluation and treatment of allergic fungal sinusitis. I. Demographics and diagnosis
Evaluation and treatment of allergic fungal sinusitis. II. Treatment and follow-up
Sinusitis in the common cold
Validation of the Doser, a new device for monitoring metered-dose inhaler use
Ascaris-specific IgE and allergic sensitization in a cohort of school children in the former East Germany
Intravenous immunoglobulin inhibits IgE production in human B lymphocytes
Reduced prevalence of allergic disease in patients with multiple sclerosis is associated with enhanced IL-12 production
Genetic regulation of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus-specific IgE responsiveness: A genome-wide multipoint linkage analysis in families recruited through 2 asthmatic sibs
Linkage analysis of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus-specific IgE responsiveness with polymorphic markers on chromosome 6p21 (HLA-D region) in Caucasian families by the transmission/disequilibrium test
Genetic influences of chromosomes 5q31-q33 and 11q13 on specific IgE responsiveness to common inhaled allergens among African American families
Nerve growth factor is preformed in and activates human peripheral blood eosinophils
Adhesion molecule expression on skin endothelia in atopic dermatitis: Effects of TNF-α and IL-4
The latex allergen Hev b 5 transcript is widely distributed after subcutaneous injection in BALB/c mice of its DNA vaccine
Identification of hevein (Hev b 6.02) in Hevea latex as a major cross-reacting allergen with avocado fruit in patients with latex allergy
Diagnosis of natural rubber latex allergy: Multicenter latex skin testing efficacy study
Human mast cells produce IL-13 by high-affinity IgE receptor cross-linking: Enhanced IL-13 production by IL-4-primed human mast cells
Analysis of cytokine signaling in patients with extrinsic asthma and hyperimmunoglobulin E
Phosphorylation of cytosolic phospholipase A2 by IL-3 is associated with increased free arachidonic acid generation and leukotriene C4 release in human basophils
Effect of angiotensin II receptor blockade on bronchial responsiveness in asthmatic subjects
Cytogenetic abnormalities and their lack of relationship to the Asp816Val c-kit mutation in the pathogenesis of mastocytosis
A survey of Epi-PEN use in patients with a history of anaphylaxis
Near-fatal anaphylaxis after Hymenoptera venom immunotherapy
Chloroflourocarbon- and hydrofluoroalkane-cromolyn sodium for asthma: The issue of equivalence trials
Chloroflourocarbon- and hydrofluoroalkane-cromolyn sodium for asthma: The issue of equivalence trials