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Measuring efficacy and safety of different inhaled corticosteroid preparations
Molecular modulation of allergic responses
The debate on S-enantiomers of β-agonists: Tempest in a teapot or gathering storm?
The value of acoustic rhinometry in assessing nasal responses to cat exposure
Comparison of the efficacy of budesonide and fluticasone propionate aqueous nasal spray for once daily treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis
Effect of acyclovir on bronchoconstriction and urinary leukotriene E4 excretion in aspirin-induced asthma
Differential immune responses to acute lower respiratory illness in early life and subsequent development of persistent wheezing and asthma
A familial predisposition in bronchial hyperresponsiveness among patients with allergic rhinitis
Effect of rush immunotherapy on airway inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness after bronchoprovocation with allergen in asthma
Zafirlukast improves asthma symptoms and quality of life in patients with moderate reversible airflow obstruction
Improved bronchodilation with levalbuterol compared with racemic albuterol in patients with asthma
T lymphocytes that infiltrate nasal polyps have a specialized phenotype and produce a mixed TH1/TH2 pattern of cytokines
Oral administration of a dominant T-cell determinant peptide inhibits allergen-specific TH1 and TH2 cell responses in Cry j 2-primed mice
Glucocorticoids inhibit IL-4 and mitogen-induced IL-4Rα chain expression by different posttranscriptional mechanisms
Lipopolysaccharide augments IgG and IgE responses of mice to the latex allergen Hev b 5
Baker's asthma: Still among the most frequent occupational respiratory disorders
Inhalation challenge testing of latex-sensitive health care workers and the effectiveness of laminar flow HEPA-filtered helmets in reducing rhinoconjunctival and asthmatic reactions
Hevein-like protein domains as a possible cause for allergen cross-reactivity between latex and banana
IL-4-induced apoptosis in peripheral blood eosinophils
Sensitization to the major allergen of Brazil nut is correlated with the clinical expression of allergy
Gelatin-induced T-cell activation in children with nonanaphylactic-type reactions to vaccines containing gelatin
Six-hour trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole-graded challenge in HIV-infected patients
Bcl-2 expression by eosinophils in a patient with hypereosinophilia
Fatal outcome of anaphylaxis to camomile-containing enema during labor: A case study
Complement factor D deficiency in an infant first seen with pneumococcal neonatal sepsis