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Tissue remodeling as a feature of persistent asthma
Latex allergy
IL-4/IL-13 signaling beyond JAK/STAT
Induced sputum—A tool with great potential but not without problems
It is not yet time to stop skin testing, but…
Quantitative IgE antibody assays in allergic diseases
Use of phage display technology to investigate allergen-antibody interactions
Identification of SAF-2, a novel siglec expressed on eosinophils, mast cells, and basophils
Comparison of once-daily ebastine 20 mg, ebastine 10 mg, loratadine 10 mg, and placebo in the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis
Salmeterol and fluticasone propionate combined in a new powder inhalation device for the treatment of asthma: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Development of immunologic memory against tetanus toxoid and pertactin antigens from the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine in atopic versus nonatopic children
Low-dose inhaled fluticasone propionate versus oral zafirlukast in the treatment of persistent asthma
Domestic control of house dust mite allergen in children’s beds
Effect of inhaled indomethacin in asthmatic patients taking high doses of inhaled corticosteroids
Expulsion of allergen-containing materials from hydrated rye grass (Lolium perenne) pollen revealed by using immunogold field emission scanning and transmission electron microscopy
Upregulation of the transcription factor GATA-3 in upper airway mucosa after in vivo and in vitro allergen challenge
Comparison of once- and twice-daily dosing of fluticasone propionate 200 micrograms per day administered by Diskus device in patients with asthma treated with or without inhaled corticosteroids
Induced sputum: Validity of fluid-phase IL-5 measurement
The effect of an experimental rhinovirus 16 infection on bronchial lavage neutrophils
Immunofluorescence analysis of cytokine and granule protein expression during eosinophil maturation from cord blood–derived CD34+ progenitors
Protease-dependent activation of epithelial cells by fungal allergens leads to morphologic changes and cytokine production
Langerhans-like dendritic cells generated from cord blood progenitors internalize pollen allergens by macropinocytosis, and part of the molecules are processed and can activate autologous naive T lymphocytes
Ligation of IgE receptors causes an anaphylactic response and neutrophil infiltration but does not induce eosinophilic inflammation in mice
Autoantibodies to DFS 70 kd/transcription coactivator p75 in atopic dermatitis and other conditions
Analytic precision and accuracy of commercial immunoassays for specific IgE: Establishing a standard
Safety of a two-day ultrarush insect venom immunotherapy protocol in comparison with protocols of longer duration and involving a larger number of injections
Detection of IgA antibodies to cat, β-lactoglobulin, and ovalbumin allergens in human milk
Occupational asthma caused by a natural food colorant derived from Monascus ruber
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