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Recombinant allergens for diagnosis and therapy of allergic disease
Exercise-induced asthma: Is it the right diagnosis in elite athletes?
Activating and inhibitory signaling in mast cells: New opportunities for therapeutic intervention?
Cord blood proliferative responses to inhaled allergens: Is there a phenomenon?
Allergy and asthma in elite summer sport athletes
The mechanism of exercise-induced asthma is …
IL-9 expression by human eosinophils: Regulation by IL-1β and TNF-α
Intranasal fluticasone propionate does not prevent acute otitis media during viral upper respiratory infection in children
Efficacy of adding multiple doses of oxitropium bromide to salbutamol delivered by means of a metered-dose inhaler with a spacer device in adults with acute severe asthma
Increased number of glucocorticoid receptor-β–expressing cells in the airways in fatal asthma
Mometasone furoate administered once daily is as effective as twice-daily administration for treatment of mild-to-moderate persistent asthma
Trends in the cost of illness for asthma in the United States, 1985-1994
Comparative effects of long-acting β2-agonists, leukotriene receptor antagonists, and a 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor on exercise-induced asthma
Chemokines induce eosinophil degranulation through CCR-3
The relationship between serum IgE and surface levels of FcεR on human leukocytes in various diseases: Correlation of expression with FcεRI on basophils but not on monocytes or eosinophils
Mechanism of topical glucocorticoid treatment of hay fever: IL-5 and eosinophil activation during natural allergen exposure are suppressed, but IL-4, IL-6, and IgE antibody production are unaffected
Transplacental priming of the human immune system with environmental allergens can occur early in gestation
Proteinase-activated receptor-2–mediated matrix metalloproteinase-9 release from airway epithelial cells
Clinical, biochemical, and genetic characterization of a novel estrogen-dependent inherited form of angioedema
Eosinophilic apoptosis in sinus mucosa: Relationship to tissue eosinophilia and its resolution in allergic sinusitis
Prospective 5-year study of peripheral blood CD4+, CD8+, and CD19+/CD20+ lymphocytes and serum Igs in children born to HIV-1+ women
Effects of complement inactivation and IgG depletion on skin reactivity to autologous serum in chronic idiopathic urticaria
Traffic exposure and allergic sensitization against latex in children
IgE antibody to fish gelatin (type I collagen) in patients with fish allergy
Specific immunotherapy with a standardized latex extract versus placebo in allergic healthcare workers
Change in gelatin content of vaccines associated with reduction in reports of allergic reactions
Eosinophil cationic protein relates to sputum neutrophil counts in healthy subjects
Preservation of nasal sprays
Preservation of nasal sprays
Issues of fluticasone nasal spray in seasonal allergic rhinitis
Issues of fluticasone nasal spray in seasonal allergic rhinitis
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