The Editors' Choice
Endotoxin-stimulated innate immunity: A contributing factor for asthma
Genetics of allergen-induced asthma
The relationship of asthma therapy and Churg-Strauss syndrome: NIH workshop summary report
Omalizumab, anti-IgE recombinant humanized monoclonal antibody, for the treatment of severe allergic asthma
Immunostimulatory sequence DNA linked to the Amb a 1 allergen promotes TH1 cytokine expression while downregulating TH2 cytokine expression in PBMCs from human patients with ragweed allergy
Allergen-induced impairment of bronchoprotective nitric oxide synthesis in asthma
Basophil recruitment and IL-4 production during human allergen-induced late asthma
Possible role of the 4G/5G polymorphism of the plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 gene in the development of asthma
Glucocorticoids induce basophil apoptosis
Effect of desloratadine and loratadine on rhinovirus-induced intercellular adhesion molecule 1 upregulation and promoter activation in respiratory epithelial cells
Inhibition of IgE production in vitro by intact and fragmented intravenous immunoglobulin
Costimulatory molecules in the developing human gastrointestinal tract: A pathway for fetal allergen priming
Inhibition of human allergic T-cell responses by IL-10–treated dendritic cells: Differences from hydrocortisone-treated dendritic cells
Preclinical efficacy and safety of mepolizumab (SB-240563), a humanized monoclonal antibody to IL-5, in cynomolgus monkeys
Comparison of CD8+ T-cell subsets in HIV-infected rapid progressor children versus non–rapid progressor children
Decline of CD3-positive T-cell counts by 6 months of age is associated with rapid disease progression in HIV-1–infected infants
Fibronectin and fibrinogen contribute to the enhanced binding of Staphylococcus aureus to atopic skin
The ascomycin macrolactam pimecrolimus (Elidel, SDZ ASM 981) is a potent inhibitor of mediator release from human dermal mast cells and peripheral blood basophils
Atopic dermatitis is associated with a low-producer transforming growth factor β1 cytokine genotype
The –590C/T and –34C/T interleukin-4 promoter polymorphisms are not associated with atopic eczema in childhood
Elimination of mouse allergens in the working environment: Assessment of individually ventilated cage systems and ventilated cabinets in the containment of mouse allergens
Occupational IgE-mediated allergy after exposure to lupine seed flour
Severe anaphylaxis induced by latex as a contaminant of plastic balls in play pits
Carrot allergy: Double-blinded, placebo-controlled food challenge and identification of allergens
Effective allergen avoidance reduces residual volume and sputum eosinophils in children with asthma
Improvement in atopic dermatitis in infants with the introduction of an elemental formula
A case of onion allergy
T-cell apoptosis in ICF syndrome
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