Introduction: Purpose and format of the conference
The manufacture of gloves from natural rubber latex
Starch and natural rubber allergen interaction in the production of latex gloves: A hand-held aerosol
Blood-borne pathogens and nosocomial infections
A history of latex allergy
Allergens and natural rubber proteins
Protein and allergen assays for natural rubber latex products
Clinical and laboratory-based methods in the diagnosis of natural rubber latex allergy
Allergic and latex-specific sensitization: Route, frequency, and amount of exposure that are required to initiate IgE production
Anaphylactic reactions during surgical and medical procedures
Long-term outcome of 160 adult patients with natural rubber latex allergy
Occupational asthma and rhinoconjunctivitis induced by natural rubber latex exposure
Epidemiology of latex sensitization and allergies in health care workers
Management of occupational allergy to natural rubber latex in a medical center:The importance of quantitative latex allergen measurement and objective follow-up
Allergic reactions to natural rubber latex at home, to rubber products, and to cross-reacting foods
Management of natural rubber latex allergy
Latex allergy: The perspective from the surgical suite
Latex sensitivity: An industrial hygiene perspective
Disability and medical management of natural latex sensitivity claims
Natural Rubber Latex Sensitivity Seminar: Conference summary