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Epidemiology of asthma exacerbations
Epidemiology of asthma exacerbations
Host immune responses to rhinovirus
Host immune responses to rhinovirus
Etiology of asthma exacerbations
Filaggrin in atopic dermatitis
Allergen avoidance in the treatment of asthma
Asthma exacerbations
New insights into mechanisms of immunoregulation in 2007
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Cord blood allergen-specific IgE is associated with reduced IFN-γ production by cord blood cells
Prenatal versus postnatal priming of allergen specific immunologic memory
Increased risk of serious pneumococcal disease in patients with asthma
Are persons with asthma at increased risk of pneumococcal infections, and can we prevent them?
Cytokine response after severe respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis in early life
Steroids completely reverse albuterol-induced β2-adrenergic receptor tolerance in human small airways
Factors associated with asthma exacerbations during a long-term clinical trial of controller medications in children
Disparities in allergy testing and health outcomes among urban children with asthma
A community-based study of tobacco smoke exposure among inner-city children with asthma in Chicago
Expired nitric oxide and airway reactivity in infants at risk for asthma
Food allergen sensitization as a determinant of disturbed airway function in young infants
Increase in inflammatory mediator concentrations in exhaled breath condensate after allergen inhalation
Serum ferritin and transferrin levels as serologic markers of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate-induced occupational asthma
Effects of time, albuterol, and budesonide on the shape of the flow-volume loop in children with asthma
A differential effect of 2 probiotics in the prevention of eczema and atopy
Myosin light chain is a novel shrimp allergen, Lit v 3
Modulation of β1-integrins on hemopoietic progenitor cells after allergen challenge in asthmatic subjects
Genetic or pharmaceutical blockade of p110δ phosphoinositide 3-kinase enhances IgE production
Differences in allergic sensitization by self-reported race and genetic ancestry
Montelukast and emotional well-being as a marker for depression
Administration of oral vitamin D induces cathelicidin production in atopic individuals
Usefulness of induced sputum in investigating occupational asthma with normal responsiveness to methacholine
Ophthalmologic findings in children with asthma receiving inhaled budesonide
Filaggrin gene mutations are associated with asthma and eczema in later life
Management of β-agonist overuse
The asthma index
Impairment of regulatory T cells in cord blood of atopic mothers
Impairment of regulatory T cells in cord blood of atopic mothers
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