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Efficacy of leukotriene receptor antagonists and synthesis inhibitors in asthma
Efficacy of leukotriene receptor antagonists and synthesis inhibitors in asthma
The leukotriene E4 puzzle: Finding the missing pieces and revealing the pathobiologic implications
The leukotriene E4 puzzle: Finding the missing pieces and revealing the pathobiologic implications
Leukotriene E4: Perspective on the forgotten mediator
Genetics and pharmacogenetics of the leukotriene pathway
Unmet needs in severe chronic upper airway disease (SCUAD)
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Randomized trial of the effect of drug presentation on asthma outcomes: The American Lung Association Asthma Clinical Research Centers
The placebo effect in asthma: Far more complex than simply “I shall please”
Total IgE levels and asthma prevalence in the US population: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005-2006
Activin and transforming growth factor-β signaling pathways are activated after allergen challenge in mild asthma
Elucidation of asthma phenotypes in atopic teenagers through parallel immunophenotypic and clinical profiling
Early onset of action of a 5-grass-pollen 300-IR sublingual immunotherapy tablet evaluated in an allergen challenge chamber
Distinct immunopathologic characteristics of various types of chronic rhinosinusitis in adult Chinese
Filaggrin-deficient mice exhibit TH17-dominated skin inflammation and permissiveness to epicutaneous sensitization with protein antigen
Our evolving understanding of the functional role of filaggrin in atopic dermatitis
Filaggrin deficiency confers a paracellular barrier abnormality that reduces inflammatory thresholds to irritants and haptens
Filaggrin mutations that confer risk of atopic dermatitis confer greater risk for eczema herpeticum
Prognosis in adult indolent systemic mastocytosis: A long-term study of the Spanish Network on Mastocytosis in a series of 145 patients
Development of a routine newborn screening protocol for severe combined immunodeficiency
Fibronectin is a TH1-specific molecule in human subjects
Comèl-Netherton syndrome defined as primary immunodeficiency
Neonatal innate cytokine responses to BCG controlling T-cell development vary between populations
Nitric oxide inhibits IFN regulatory factor 1 and nuclear factor-κB pathways in rhinovirus-infected epithelial cells
Lung mast cells are a source of secreted phospholipases A2
Association of the cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 1 gene with atopy in the British 1958 birth cohort
Eosinophil-derived IFN-γ induces airway hyperresponsiveness and lung inflammation in the absence of lymphocytes
An IgE-associated polymorphism in STAT6 alters NF-κB binding, STAT6 promoter activity, and mRNA expression
Induction of a disintegrin and metalloprotease 33 during embryonic lung development and the influence of IL-13 or maternal allergy
Self-reported allergic reactions to peanut and tree nuts occurring on commercial airlines
Rotavirus vaccine induced diarrhea in a child with severe combined immune deficiency
Role of omalizumab and steroids in Churg-Strauss syndrome
Inadequate health literacy is associated with increased asthma morbidity in a population sample
Mammalian meat–induced anaphylaxis: Clinical relevance of anti–galactose-α-1,3-galactose IgE confirmed by means of skin tests to cetuximab
17q12-21 variants interact with smoke exposure as a risk factor for pediatric asthma but are equally associated with early-onset versus late-onset asthma in North Americans of European ancestry
Omeprazole inhibits IL-4 and IL-13 signaling signal transducer and activator of transcription 6 activation and reduces lung inflammation in murine asthma
Open-label maintenance after milk oral immunotherapy for IgE-mediated cow's milk allergy
TH2 cytokines potently induce an appetite-stimulating peptide, melanin-concentrating hormone, in human vascular endothelial cells
Consistency of sputum eosinophilia in difficult-to-treat asthma: A 5-year follow-up study
Pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacterial infections in hyper-IgE syndrome
Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor may link asthma with increased risk of pneumococcal disease
Allergic or nonallergic rhinitis?