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Management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Moving beyond the asthma algorithm
Management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Moving beyond the asthma algorithm
The irreversible component of persistent asthma
The irreversible component of persistent asthma
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Consistently very poorly controlled asthma, as defined by the impairment domain of the Expert Panel Report 3 guidelines, increases risk for future severe asthma exacerbations in The Epidemiology and Natural History of Asthma: Outcomes and Treatment Regimens (TENOR) study
Predicting the long-term prognosis of children with symptoms suggestive of asthma at preschool age
Celebrating JACI's 80th Anniversary-Harry L. Alexander, Editor
Predicting the long-term outcome of preschool wheeze: Are we there yet?
Tissue remodeling induced by hypersecreted epidermal growth factor and amphiregulin in the airway after an acute asthma attack
Celebrating JACI's 80th Anniversary-Warren T. Vaughan, Associate Editor
Recent asthma exacerbations predict future exacerbations in children with severe or difficult-to-treat asthma
Diagnostic properties of inhaled mannitol in the diagnosis of asthma: A population study
Role of sphingosine kinase 1 in allergen-induced pulmonary vascular remodeling and hyperresponsiveness
Clinical studies of the DP1 antagonist laropiprant in asthma and allergic rhinitis
Celebrating JACI's 80th Anniversary-Albert H. Rowe, Editorial Board Member
Fractional exhaled nitric oxide measurements are most closely associated with allergic sensitization in school-age children
Maternal interpersonal trauma and cord blood IgE levels in an inner-city cohort: A life-course perspective
Process quality measures and asthma exacerbations in the Medicaid population
Celebrating JACI's 80th Anniversary-Arthur F. Coca, Editorial Board Member
Novel relationship of serum cholesterol with asthma and wheeze in the United States
Celebrating JACI's 80th Anniversary-Alfred H. W. Caulfeild, Editorial Board Member
Long-term pathologic consequences of acute irritant-induced asthma
Antibiotic use in infancy and symptoms of asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, and eczema in children 6 and 7 years old: International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood Phase III
Levels of nitric oxide oxidation products are increased in the epithelial lining fluid of children with persistent asthma
Celebrating JACI's 80th Anniversary-Francis M. Rackemann, Editorial Board Member
Epicutaneous allergen administration as a novel method of allergen-specific immunotherapy
Epicutaneous allergen administration: A novel approach for allergen-specific immunotherapy?
Nasal inflammatory mediators and specific IgE production after nasal challenge with grass pollen in local allergic rhinitis
Rhinitis with negative skin tests and absent serum allergen-specific IgE: More evidence for local IgE?
Targeting Ca2+ release–activated Ca2+ channel channels and leukotriene receptors provides a novel combination strategy for treating nasal polyposis
Effective treatment of psoriasis with etanercept is linked to suppression of IL-17 signaling, not immediate response TNF genes
Gestational diabetes, atopic dermatitis, and allergen sensitization in early childhood
Maternal peanut exposure during pregnancy and lactation reduces peanut allergy risk in offspring
Predictors of severe systemic anaphylactic reactions in patients with Hymenoptera venom allergy: Importance of baseline serum tryptase—a study of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology Interest Group on Insect Venom Hypersensitivity
Identification of crab proteins that elicit IgE reactivity in snow crab–processing workers
Outcomes of patients with severe combined immunodeficiency treated with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation with and without preconditioning
Immunize and disappear—Safety-optimized mRNA vaccination with a panel of 29 allergens
Parental characteristics, somatic fetal growth, and season of birth influence innate and adaptive cord blood cytokine responses
Mutation of tyrosine 145 of lymphocyte cytosolic protein 2 protects mice from anaphylaxis and arthritis
Human subjects are protected from mast cell tryptase deficiency despite frequent inheritance of loss-of-function mutations
Comparison of asthma exacerbations in pediatric and adult patients with severe or difficult-to-treat asthma
Bovine and porcine gelatin sensitivity in children sensitized to milk and meat
Hydroxyurea in the treatment of Churg-Strauss syndrome
Idiopathic systemic capillary leak syndrome: Novel therapy for acute attacks
Peeling off the layers: Skin taping and a novel proteomics approach to study atopic dermatitis
Predicting outcome of repeat milk, egg, or peanut oral food challenges
Altered epigenetic regulation and increasing severity of bronchial hyperresponsiveness in atopic asthmatic children
Overweight: No association with asthma or bronchial reactivity in children
Adjustment for baseline value in the analysis of change in FEV1 over time
Long-term outcome after bronchiolitis: No association with the invasiveness of the infection
Clinical pearls for preventing, diagnosing, and treating seasonal and 2009 H1N1 influenza infection in patients with asthma