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Clinical consequences of defects in B-cell development
Clinical consequences of defects in B-cell development
B-cell function in severe combined immunodeficiency after stem cell or gene therapy
B-cell function in severe combined immunodeficiency after stem cell or gene therapy
Administration of influenza vaccines to patients with egg allergy
A review of treatment with mepolizumab, an anti–IL-5 mAb, in hypereosinophilic syndromes and asthma
Monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins and their complications
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Perimenstrual increase in bronchial hyperreactivity in premenopausal women
Fixed airflow obstruction due to asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: 5-year follow-up
The influence of neighborhood environment on the incidence of childhood asthma
Thymic stromal lymphopoietin–induced human asthmatic airway epithelial cell proliferation through an IL-13–dependent pathway
The molecular phenotype of severe asthma in children
IL-32 is expressed by human primary keratinocytes and modulates keratinocyte apoptosis in atopic dermatitis
Increased risk of eczema but reduced risk of early wheezy disorder from exclusive breast-feeding in high-risk infants
Measurement of IgE antibodies to shrimp tropomyosin is superior to skin prick testing with commercial extract and measurement of IgE to shrimp for predicting clinically relevant allergic reactions after shrimp ingestion
Glucocorticoid-regulated genes in eosinophilic esophagitis
Effects of omalizumab on basophil and mast cell responses using an intranasal cat allergen challenge
Decreases in human dendritic cell–dependent TH2-like responses after acute in vivo IgE neutralization
Regulation of Syk kinase and FcRβ expression in human basophils during treatment with omalizumab
The structure of the dust mite allergen Der p 7 reveals similarities to innate immune proteins
Allergen-induced, eotaxin-rich, proangiogenic bone marrow progenitors
Designing hypoallergenic derivatives for allergy treatment by means of in silico mutation and screening
Risks associated with foods having advisory milk labeling
Sublingual desensitization for buprenorphine hypersensitivity
Justifiable deception in everyday practice
Parental smoking increases the risk for eczema with sensitization in 4-year-old children
Therapeutic strategy in p47-phox deficient chronic granulomatous disease presenting as inflammatory bowel disease
Using biomarkers to predict the presence of FAS mutations in patients with features of the autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome
Slow reactive substance of anaphylaxis
Clinical pearls for H1N1 influenza vaccination
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