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Natural killer cell deficiency
Natural killer cell deficiency
Natural killer cells in patients with allergic diseases
Natural killer cell biology: An update and future directions
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Exhaled breath condensate eicosanoid levels associate with asthma and its severity
Diagnostic accuracy of the bronchodilator response in children
Novel immunologic classification of aspergillosis in adult cystic fibrosis
Dose-ranging study of lebrikizumab in asthmatic patients not receiving inhaled steroids
Joint modeling of parentally reported and physician-confirmed wheeze identifies children with persistent troublesome wheezing
Increased expression of factor XIII-A in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps
Thymic stromal lymphopoietin activity is increased in nasal polyps of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis
Establishment of the intestinal microbiota and its role for atopic dermatitis in early childhood
Fungal protein MGL_1304 in sweat is an allergen for atopic dermatitis patients
Pet exposure and risk of atopic dermatitis at the pediatric age: A meta-analysis of birth cohort studies
Distribution of peanut protein in the home environment
Peanut protein in household dust is related to household peanut consumption and is biologically active
Peanut-specific IgE antibodies in asymptomatic Ghanaian children possibly caused by carbohydrate determinant cross-reactivity
T-cell receptor ligation causes Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein degradation and F-actin assembly downregulation
Whole-exome sequencing identifies tetratricopeptide repeat domain 7A ( TTC7A ) mutations for combined immunodeficiency with intestinal atresias
TNF-α–mediated bronchial barrier disruption and regulation by src-family kinase activation
IL-33 promotes airway remodeling in pediatric patients with severe steroid-resistant asthma
Novel allergic asthma model demonstrates ST2-dependent dendritic cell targeting by cypress pollen
Crystal structure and immunologic characterization of the major grass pollen allergen Phl p 4
Efficient cytokine-induced IL-13 production by mast cells requires both IL-33 and IL-3
A new nucleic acid–based agent inhibits cytotoxic T lymphocyte–mediated immune disorders
KIT D816V mutation burden does not correlate to clinical manifestations of indolent systemic mastocytosis
AMP-activated protein kinase negatively regulates FcεRI-mediated mast cell signaling and anaphylaxis in mice
Long-term follow-up of oral immunotherapy for cow's milk allergy
Anaphylaxis treated in a Canadian pediatric hospital: Incidence, clinical characteristics, triggers, and management
Massively parallel sequencing reveals maternal somatic IL2RG mosaicism in an X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency family
Association of physical activity, asthma, and allergies: A cohort of farming and nonfarming children
C3a receptor promotes viral containment in mice inoculated with vaccinia virus at sites of allergic skin inflammation
De novo homozygous mutation of the C1 inhibitor gene in a patient with hereditary angioedema
Efficacy and safety of canakinumab in urticarial vasculitis: An open-label study
Defective TH17 development in human neonatal T cells involves reduced RORC2 mRNA content
HLA-B*57:01+ abacavir-naive individuals have specific T cells but no patch test reactivity
Rhinovirus colocalizes with CD68- and CD11b-positive macrophages following experimental infection in humans
Continuous G-CSF therapy for isolated chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis: Complete clinical remission with restoration of IL-17 secretion
Component-resolved diagnosis of peach allergy and its relationship with prevalent allergenic pollens in China
Development of a validated blood test for nickel sensitization
The German Infant Nutritional Intervention (GINI) study and formulation issues
The German Infant Nutritional Intervention (GINI) study and formulation issues
A holistic view on dermatitis: Patch testing should be considered in patients with atopic dermatitis
A holistic view on dermatitis: Patch testing should be considered in patients with atopic dermatitis
Systemic therapies for severe atopic dermatitis in children and adults