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Potential food allergens in medications
Potential food allergens in medications
Mechanisms underlying the neuronal-based symptoms of allergy
Birth cohorts in asthma and allergic diseases: Report of a NIAID/NHLBI/MeDALL joint workshop
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Phenotypes determined by cluster analysis in severe or difficult-to-treat asthma
Sputum neutrophil counts are associated with more severe asthma phenotypes using cluster analysis
Genome-wide association analysis identifies 11 risk variants associated with the asthma with hay fever phenotype
Outcomes of childhood asthma to the age of 50 years
Asthma control in the United States, 2008-2010: Indicators of poor asthma control
Theophylline inhibits the cough reflex through a novel mechanism of action
Monitoring childhood asthma: Web-based diaries and the asthma control test
Measuring childhood asthma control
Efficacy and safety of sublingual tablets of house dust mite allergen extracts in adults with allergic rhinitis
Are the concepts of induction of remission and treatment of subclinical inflammation in atopic dermatitis clinically useful?
Cyclosporine in patients with atopic dermatitis modulates activated inflammatory pathways and reverses epidermal pathology
Sensitization to Hymenoptera venoms is common, but systemic sting reactions are rare
Bruton tyrosine kinase mediates TLR9 -dependent human dendritic cell activation
Early-onset inflammatory bowel disease and common variable immunodeficiency–like disease caused by IL-21 deficiency
Host natural killer immunity is a key indicator of permissiveness for donor cell engraftment in patients with severe combined immunodeficiency
Somatic reversion in dedicator of cytokinesis 8 immunodeficiency modulates disease phenotype
CXCR4/IgG-expressing plasma cells are associated with human gastrointestinal tissue inflammation
Endothelial cell activation during edematous attacks of hereditary angioedema types I and II
Prostaglandin E2 resistance in granulocytes from patients with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease
Insulin-like growth factor 2 enhances regulatory T-cell functions and suppresses food allergy in an experimental model
Accelerated dissociation of IgE-FcεRI complexes by disruptive inhibitors actively desensitizes allergic effector cells
Salmeterol attenuates chemotactic responses in rhinovirus-induced exacerbation of allergic airways disease by modulating protein phosphatase 2A
Electron microscopy elucidates eosinophil degranulation patterns in patients with eosinophilic esophagitis
IgE-mediated mast cell responses are inhibited by thymol-mediated, activation-induced cell death in skin inflammation
Anti-inflammatory and corticosteroid-enhancing actions of vitamin D in monocytes of patients with steroid-resistant and those with steroid-sensitive asthma
Plasmacytoid dendritic cell depletion in DOCK8 deficiency: Rescue of severe herpetic infections with IFN-α 2b therapy
The effects of calcitriol treatment in glucocorticoid-resistant asthma
Immunologic response and safety in birch pollen sublingual versus oral vestibule immunotherapy: A pilot study
Basophils are elevated in nasal polyps of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis without aspirin sensitivity
Traffic-related air pollution is associated with airway hyperresponsiveness
Act d 12 and Act d 13: Two novel, masked, relevant allergens in kiwifruit seeds
Lower vitamin D status is closely correlated with eczema of the head and neck
Allergen-specific IgE is not detectable in the bronchial mucosa of nonatopic asthmatic patients
Defining risk factors and presentations of allergic reactions to platelet transfusion
Test for Respiratory and Asthma Control in Kids (TRACK): A validated control tool for preschool-aged children
Test for Respiratory and Asthma Control in Kids (TRACK): A validated control tool for preschool-aged children
Bronchi wall and lumen volumes to assess airway remodeling in asthma by using CT: An innovative method?
Bronchi wall and lumen volumes to assess airway remodeling in asthma by using CT: An innovative method?
Neurogenic cough