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Evolving models of the immunopathogenesis of T cell–mediated drug allergy: The role of host, pathogens, and drug response
Evolving models of the immunopathogenesis of T cell–mediated drug allergy: The role of host, pathogens, and drug response
New genetic findings lead the way to a better understanding of fundamental mechanisms of drug hypersensitivity
Approaches to the diagnosis and management of patients with a history of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug–related urticaria and angioedema
New approaches for predicting T cell–mediated drug reactions: A role for inducible and potentially preventable autoimmunity
Consensus communication on early peanut introduction and the prevention of peanut allergy in high-risk infants
Report from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases workshop on drug allergy
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Measuring the corticosteroid responsiveness endophenotype in asthmatic patients
Sex-related differences in pulmonary physiologic outcome measures in a high-risk birth cohort
Risk of an asthma exacerbation after bariatric surgery in adults
Exposure to allergen and diesel exhaust particles potentiates secondary allergen-specific memory responses, promoting asthma susceptibility
Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and lung function in US adolescents with and without asthma
Pediatric severe asthma with fungal sensitization is mediated by steroid-resistant IL-33
Innate and adaptive T cells in asthmatic patients: Relationship to severity and disease mechanisms
Sinus microbiota varies among chronic rhinosinusitis phenotypes and predicts surgical outcome
Staphylococcal protein A–formulated immune complexes suppress enterotoxin-induced cellular responses in nasal polyps
Human mast cells are major IL-22 producers in patients with psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
Incidence rates of atopic dermatitis, asthma, and allergic rhinoconjunctivitis in Danish and Swedish children
Time trends in Australian hospital anaphylaxis admissions in 1998-1999 to 2011-2012
Safety of live attenuated influenza vaccine in atopic children with egg allergy
Hazelnut allergy across Europe dissected molecularly: A EuroPrevall outpatient clinic survey
β2-Microglobulin deficiency causes a complex immunodeficiency of the innate and adaptive immune system
The extended clinical phenotype of 64 patients with dedicator of cytokinesis 8 deficiency
Dichotomy of short and long thymic stromal lymphopoietin isoforms in inflammatory disorders of the bowel and skin
Culture medium from TNF-α–stimulated mesenchymal stem cells attenuates allergic conjunctivitis through multiple antiallergic mechanisms
TH9 cells are required for tissue mast cell accumulation during allergic inflammation
Vehicular exhaust particles promote allergic airway inflammation through an aryl hydrocarbon receptor–notch signaling cascade
Cysteine oxidation impairs systemic glucocorticoid responsiveness in children with difficult-to-treat asthma
MicroRNA-9 regulates steroid-resistant airway hyperresponsiveness by reducing protein phosphatase 2A activity
Promiscuous T-cell responses to drugs and drug-haptens
Clinical application of whole-genome sequencing in patients with primary immunodeficiency
A novel mutation in ORAI1 presenting with combined immunodeficiency and residual T-cell function
The polyamine spermine promotes survival and activation of human eosinophils
Somatic NOD2 mosaicism in Blau syndrome
Key stages of bone marrow B-cell maturation are defective in patients with common variable immunodeficiency disorders
Antibody conjugates bispecific for intercellular adhesion molecule 1 and allergen prevent migration of allergens through respiratory epithelial cell layers
In vivo allergenic activity of a hypoallergenic mutant of the major fish allergen Cyp c 1 evaluated by means of skin testing
Endogenous metabolites and inflammasome activity in early childhood and links to respiratory diseases
The influence of asthma control on the severity of virus-induced asthma exacerbations
The novel inhaled glucocorticoid receptor agonist GW870086X protects against adenosine-induced bronchoconstriction in asthma
A new case of Fas-associated death domain protein deficiency and update on treatment outcomes
Effect of CYP3A5*3 on asthma control among children treated with inhaled beclomethasone
Whole-exome sequencing of Ethiopian patients with ichthyosis vulgaris and atopic dermatitis
Rhinovirus-induced bronchiolitis: Lack of association between virus genomic load and short-term outcomes
Chronic rhinosinusitis is rare but bothersome in adolescents from a Swedish population-based cohort
Biomarkers to predict inhaled corticosteroid response
Vitamin D and asthma
Vitamin D reduces eosinophilic airway inflammation in nonatopic asthma: Are we sure?
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